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How do I provide my someone access to my domain names in Cloudflare?

If someone, usually a technical person needs access to your domain names DNS records in Cloudflare, you can add them as a member. This provides them with access to make changes but doesn't provide ownership access. You can revoke access at any time, and add multiple people.

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What is schema data and how can I set it up on my website?

Schema markup is a structured set of data for Google and other search engines and data collectors to see your products in a standardized format.

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How do I add someone as a "delegate" in GoDaddy?

Adding a "delegate" to your GoDaddy account is done from within your Account Settings, here are the instructions to complete them.

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How do I create a CloudFlare account?

You can create a Cloudflare account from their website using your email address. Make sure to confirm your account by clicking on the link in your email after signing up. You will have limited access if you don't confirm your account.

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How to find out what version of OSX/macOS you're running

The following steps will guide you on how to find out what version of OSX or macOS you're running

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Divi Displaying Default Colors

Sometimes Divi will display the default color palette on your site, this can be corrected in a few steps.

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How do I create a Shared Drive in Google Drive?

You can create a Shared Drive within Google Drive by logging into Google Drive from your web browser.

How do I add someone to my Google Analytics Account?

This is simple, you will need to login to Google Analytics and then click on Admin at the bottom and then click on "Account User Management" and enter in the new user's email address.